Would get so low if I saw them live.

Best garden in the city.

Fez is just too good, these shots don’t even do it justice.

A game I helped with for the Mini Ludum Dare Jam this weekend. You can play it but it’s only compatible with Mac and an Xbox controller for now.

A 49 hour animation jam I helped with a few months ago, featuring the voice of my good friend Amir Badri.


The Empty Nest

Beautiful Jurassic Park art by Sung Choi

Can the world please end with dinosaurs coming back and taking over? Thanks.

(via cortnan)

Never got my repos tape in the mail, genuinely bummed.


"it’s such a beautiful day" / 2011

🎮👫 #GallopingGhost

This summer will consist of

Making a shit ton of games

Making a shit ton of art

Making a shit ton of animations

Submitting to fests

Than applying to game dev jobs 

so that I can have enough money

to redo this list again

Never do I want to go back to retail again.